Seminars in Saint Malo

Organise your seminars in an ideal setting in Saint-Malo


The aim of any seminar, whatever the context, is to establish good communication with employees, partners and customers. For a company, organising a seminar from time to time is a necessity. A change of scenery and environment will certainly be good for the company's development. So why not choose the city of Saint-Malo for your next seminar? A city rich in history that has much to offer, but also a perfect setting for your company.


Company seminar in Saint-Malo

Only 2 hours and 15 minutes from Paris, Saint-Malo is a perfect destination to boost your company's performance. By the sea, in a city rich in history and home to many attractive tourist sites, your employees can fully recharge their batteries in order to have the energy they need to be even more productive.


For a contract negotiation with your partners or clients, this port city in Brittany, in the north-west of France, puts all the chances on your side. Take advantage of the unique and original setting of the city of Saint-Malo to gain the confidence of your current or future partners and easily convey your message and values. As a land of privateers and great explorers, the city perfectly matches its values of authenticity, conquest and challenge.


By choosing the city of Saint Malo for your seminar, you are challenging your competitors and, above all, your own limits in order to raise the bar. In the life of a company, overcoming your limits is the key to long-term success.

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Combine work and pleasure at the Grand Hotel de Courtoisville

The Grand Hôtel is located in the seaside district of Courtoisville, in Saint-Malo. Just a few metres from the Sillon beach, the hotel is perfect for getting away from your daily work routine. perfect for getting away from your daily work routine. Perfect for family or friends, the Grand Hôtel de Courtoisville also welcomes you for your also welcomes you for your business seminars.


Accessible from Paris directly by TGV for a journey of only 2 hours and 15 minutes minutes, the city of Saint-Malo is also easily accessible from the provinces. province. This is why the city is perfect for your seminar, especially at the Grand Hôtel de Courtoisville. at the Grand Hôtel de Courtoisville.


3 conference rooms at your available

The Grand Hôtel de Courtoisville offers you 3 rooms from 30 to 130 m². surface area. These rooms are fully equipped for your seminars. Otherwise in other words, you don't have to prepare anything to be able to make your presentations.


Video projector, screen, flipchart, television, etc. Everything is already in place to welcome your employees and and your partners. To ensure the comfort of your entire team mineral water, notepads and pens. pens. And since the internet is now an integral part of business life, you don't need to worry about life, you don't have to worry about accessing your emails or online presentations with or online presentations with free Wi-Fi access throughout the hotel. the hotel.


At the end of your the end of your seminar, don't forget to stop by the hotel's restaurant to to taste the local specialities prepared by the Chef Restaurateur.

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