Sea temperature in Saint Malo

What is the temperature of the sea water in Saint-Malo?

Until the middle of the 19th century, the port of Saint-Malo was used as a beaching port, which made it possible to position Saint-Malo among the main French maritime cities. When we talk about the port, we talk about the sea and when we talk about the sea, everyone wants to swim. However, before diving into the water, it is necessary to take into account several factors, including the temperature of the water.

Low water temperature all year round

Throughout the year, the sea water in Saint-Malo never warms up to comfortable values. In other words, the water is usually cold with an average temperature of about 13.5°C throughout the year. Thus the temperature of the sea water in Saint-Malo varies according to the season, but hardly ever exceeds the maximum temperature of 19.3 °C in summer. In fact, the average temperature of the sea water in Saint-Malo in winter is 10.1°C. In the spring, this value increases by only a small margin to an average of 10.7°C. In summer and autumn, the water is warmer, but still cool, with an average temperature of 16.7°C.

Du Guesclin island, with fort on the rock. It's in Saint Coulomb, near Cancale in Brittany - France

Saint-Malo: a water temperature below the ideal temperature.

Generally speaking, the ideal temperature for bathing in water is 10°C below the body temperature. In other words, the ideal temperature for water, swimming pool or sea water is 27°C, or more precisely between 25 and 28°C.

Far from the water temperatures of the Caribbean, the sea of Saint-Malo still attracts the attention of adventurous swimmers. However, due to the particularly low water temperature, family bathing in the waters of the bays of Saint-Malo is not very advisable. Indeed, for a normally constituted person, the body will expend more energy below 25°C and after 20°C, respiratory problems may occur during the first minutes. However, the body has the capacity to get used to it, but fatigue is felt more quickly than in warm water.

On the other hand, babies have more sensitive skin and require warmer water for bathing. For a baby aged 1 year and over, water temperatures of over 30°C are recommended. So, if you are thinking of going swimming in Saint-Malo, take the time to make your baby comfortable on the beach or on your boat.

Best time to swim in Saint-Malo

Although the sea temperature is low all year round, there are times when the water is more pleasant than others. If you want to enjoy a fairly comfortable water temperature, August and September are the best times when the water is warmest in Saint-Malo. During this period, the sea water temperature averages 18.3°C with a temperature of around 19.4°C. The water temperature is certainly below the ideal, but you have the possibility to enjoy cool water during your stay in Saint-Malo.

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